Any electronic related item will require some repair or maintenance once in a while, including a luxury watch winder. Watch winder can be expensive, so If your watch winder case is broken, it is better to try to repair it on your own rather than selling it. Furthermore, While repairing your watch winder maybe you’ll find out some parts require replacements. So, here’s the tips on finding replacement parts for your winder.

Finding a Replacement Motor

Best Luxury watch winder manufacturers are generally very particular on choosing motors for their products. Not only have to run smoothly, watch winder motors are also required to run silently. If you find out that your winder motor needs a replacement, you can start by looking at the serial number or the brand on the motor label in order to find the exact similar motor model. However, if you can’t find any label or serial number, you can contact your luxury watch winder manufacturer and ask for a replacement.

Other than buying the motor directly from the watch winder manufacturer, you can also find one through internet search. By doing this, you’ll potentially find a better motor that has better performance in terms of smoothness and silence. However, pay attention to several motor specifications such as rotation, energy consumption, and shaft length to get the best motor which suits your automatic watch winder.

Finding a Replacement Belt

Sometimes you will also require to change the driver belt of your luxury watch winder. Extensive use of a watch winder might cause the driver belt to loosen or stretch. However, finding a replacement for your watch winder drive belt is quite easy to do. Driver belt usually comes in different sizes and lengths, so make sure to measure your broken belt’s diameter and length to find the correct size for your watch winder. 

To find one, you can search on your favorite online marketplace by typing driver belt or o-ring into the search bar. But, if you want to buy it in a physical store, you can always find them in hardware stores.

To sum up, it is quite easy to find replacement parts for your watch winder box. You can find some parts by looking at several online marketplace or hardware stores. However, when looking for replacement parts, it is best to find out the specification of your broken watch winder part in order to get the suitable part for your luxury watch winder.

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