A watch winder box is a device that winds auto mechanical watches, making sure that they are ready whenever you want to wear them. A watch winder works by gently rotating the auto watch, powering the watch continuously. The motor of the watch winder drives the watch’s rotor, allowing it to self-lubricate. This device seems useful, but it indeed comes with some advantages. Here they are.

Price Tag

The main disadvantage of a watch winder box is its expensive price tag. A watch winder, especially the ones with nice quality, can costs thousands of dollars. It requires you to spend a lot of money. Many owners argue that auto mechanical watches are valuable goods so that they need to invest in a good storage device that can protect them. Though it is a valid point, many watch enthusiasts already take a huge chunk out of their income to buy the watch, let alone the watch winder.

Moreover, an auto watch expert mentioned that the lack of use should not be a concern for auto mechanical watches. Owners should be more concerned about age and temperature.


Another disadvantage of using a watch winder is that you need to deal with the magnetism from the motor. Keep in mind that the motor of the watch winder uses a magnetic field to turn an auto watch. Winding a watch in a magnetic field from poorly shielded motors can cause problems, especially in the main watch’s mainspring. So that when you are about to buy a watch winder, it is important for you to make sure that the motor has a good shield. Otherwise, the watch winder will magnetize your valuable mechanical watch. You surely do not want this to happen.

Those are the disadvantages of using a watch winder box that you need to carefully consider.

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